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4 min readSep 13, 2019

Wireframes in App Development: Why Invest in Them?

To throw out the ghost! What are wireframes?

If the name already frightens you, don’t go away! You’ll see that the explanation is more simple than the term itself.

Wireframes mean a sketch or draft where the structure of the web is represented visually, in a simple and schematic way.

In other words, it is the scheme with which a whole web page is represented. A system that is reduced to the essential without any graphic material to focus on the rest of the content, as well as the behavior of each of the pages that makes up the website.

It is the main means to structure and distribute the ideas from which you want to build a web page, the concept that allows you to move from a blank canvas to the code to program everything.

To sum it up, they are the basic plan and the first steps of your future website.

Are wireframes for me?

If you are one of those who believe that time is money, wireframes are for you!

The wireframes replace the famous “site map”, which sometimes Einstein would not be able to decipher since the wireframes are the guarantee that the site is developed in accordance with the purposes that you have been imposed us. Thanks to this tool, everyone can see the functions clearly — and if necessary — add, modify or delete something according to your wish or order.

The creation of simple diagrams, without colors or any graphic or typographic element, will avoid any kind of useless distraction and help concentrate on the contents of the web.

Wireframes also allow assuming growth in the content of the site in development. Being very simple, representations allow creating multiple versions of the same project in a quick way, as well as modify or apply new ideas.

This scheme will also be useful when you ask us for a redesign or any other type of change on the site.

Some other advantages of Wireframes

The drop-down menus, buttons and general elements will help outline a new concept or improve one that we have already done before according to your order. The areas of action allow you to imitate the navigation on the website by moving from one page to another, including an external page.

Wireframes give everyone the opportunity to participate in the process. You as customers, content producers, designers, and our programmers can easily exchange ideas about development.

You will be delighted with an interactive wireframe that demonstrates the user experience.

You also have to keep in mind that the creation of Wireframes by our professionals will allow the iterative process of web design to become simple. That is to say, you will be able to experience the interactions, such as clicks and those that you want, between the individual цireframes

Also when we finish your wireframe, you can easily share it. Save it in a variety of image file formats, print it or send it by e-mail.

Pay for wireframes?

Ok, I understand what they are and how useful they are, but I’m still not convinced why I should pay for it.

Don’t worry, we will show you an example and you will evaluate the need or not to acquire this service.

Imagine that you ask us for web development and that you have considered it unnecessary to hire the wireframes service. After a while and with the development already advanced, you discover that you have forgotten to ask for important features for the site/app. This may lead to adding unnecessary elements to the design like 2 menus as a fast solution or spend the extra time needed for editing the design and developing it again.

That is the very reason there are Wireframes. Being simple and quick to perform by competent professionals, in a short time, you can be showing the Wireframes to your friends or review them yourself to see if improvements are needed in the design, in the structure of the contents, or as in the example, If you detect that you have forgotten something.

In short, it is a saving of time and money. The phrase that says, “Time is money” has never been more appropriate than in this topic.

We could continue to explain more reasons for the benefits and why it is worth making a small investment and how much you can save with it, but we know you are smart and do not need it.

Wireframes are the ideal option for you

In conclusion, wireframes are very useful tools to evaluate functionalities and contents, and the more efficient and professional this tool is, the better results we will achieve in the subsequent design of your website. Therefore, wireframes have all the advantages that we tell you about this type of instruments, and its cost will be minimal compared to the profits you will get from its use.

You have the last word!

Check us out to get more relevant information at https://attractgroup.com or develop the wireframes for your next app with us!

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